About Kulturgaarden

The farm is run by Anne Helene Sellæg Wold and Terje Wold.
Besides cornproduction, it has been put in order for holding different cultural events. Here we arrange concerts, theatre performances, hold informal lectures and "in the farm yard"-activities with appeal to people of all ages.

In the Rococco salons you can sip a glass of wine whilst enjoying a concert or listening to the tale of Herløg Rishaug, in intimate surroundings. Otherwise, we can serve you an "aperitif" or "dessert" as part of an arrangement.

Manager for Kulturgaarden is Anne Helene Sellæg Wold.
She is a music teacher, and has for many years run a Music School, Musikkloftet.

She is co-author of several textbooks, and in co-operation with Hilde Boger Kjus has run the Spilloppen-Idea Publishing Company. She has taken extra school-related subjects and has been a class teacher at Junior High School.

Artistic Producer for Kulturgaardens Scenes is Torgunn Wold.